Boise, ID


290 FT Tall, 550 SF

Contract Value

$15 M


Boise Airport Air Traffic Control Tower

Layton Construction delivered the new Airport Traffic Control Tower for Boise Airport. The Boise Tower/TRACON currently handles approximately 360,000 total operations per year consisting of approaches, departures and over-flights. The traffic was being controlled by a 65-foot tall tower, which had surpassed designed use.


The Air Traffic Control Tower is a cast-in-place design and the adjoining base structure is constructed of concrete masonry unit walls. It is designed for a wind-load force up to 90 mph. The base building is attached to the tower by an annex and will be 11,800 SF. The tower has a 550 SF cab at the top that can accommodate eight air traffic controller positions. The tower is 290 feet tall, making it the tallest structure in Idaho.