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As manufacturing facilties reach their intended lifespan, the facilities quickly become a liability. Layton Construction has become a leading expert in the process of deconstructing these facilities, through a process that defines and then meets the criteria of all interests. We are positioned with a predictable process and experienced professionals, ever mindful of the demands and challenges of such a unique undertaking.

To enable this process, Layton Construction has developed a unique strategic approach to deconstructing & clearing facilities that encompasses the complexities of these dynamic buildings while maintaining a controlled, predictable, and measurable execution process.

The Layton process, which has been developed and recently implemented with the world’s largest manufacturer of microprocessors, has proved to be a highly effective, efficient, and successful methodology. The emphasis of the Layton model includes the following key features including Decontamination, Documentation, and Deconstruction. We call this D3-The Cube strategy.


Manufacturing plants include a wide range of materials including reclaimable and non-recyclable infrastructure. This infrastructure, during the course of its useful life, has been exposed to various chemicals and waste streams. These chemical utilities leave residual contaminates that need to be remediated, treated, or handled as part of the decommissioning of the facilities. These hazardous materials require special handling and consideration when planning and execution of the final disposition of these materials. D3-The Cube has been developed to address decontamination needs to enable flawless decommissioning programs.


In conjunction with the need to address the plant assets hazardous materials, documentation is a key component to the decommissioning process. This documentation is intended to meet local, regional, and federal documentation requirements to enable facility permit closure and mitigate any potential issues with regulatory agencies. D3-The Cube addresses documentation requirements and is designed to adapt to site specific considerations to enable efficient plant closures. Document it right the first and only time is the objective.


The Layton team has experience in the deconstructing large scale fabs. Deconstruction of a plant is not the same as mass demolition in a traditional sense; deconstruction is a calculated and well executed disassembly process that addresses manufacturing equipment and tools, hazardous materials, non-hazardous materials, chemical delivery systems, waste treatment plants, and all other associated services used in a high tech industrial process. D3-The Cube has been engineered for IC Fabs and has proven to be effective in completing projects while meeting safety, quality, schedule, and budgetary goals.