Layton has Design-Build specialists accredited by the DBIA (Design-Build Institute of America)


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Delivery Methods

Since our beginnings in 1953, Layton has successfully completed thousands of contracts without contract failure or surety assistance. These contracts have been completed using various delivery methods.

With every delivery system we offer for the construction process, there are three key parties involved: the owner, the designer/architect and the constructor. Though the roles played by and relationships between these parties differs with each contract delivery system, there are some basic, unchanging responsibilities for which each party is responsible.

Basic Responsibilities


Owners decide the scope of work, establish the program (what is to be built), determine the budget and desired schedule and provide sufficient funding.


Designers/Architects guide the program process through drawings and specifications, work with engineers and local officials to provide approved construction documents and advise and assist the owner in selecting products or services.


Constructors provide input for construction means and methods, cost information, schedule durations and quality issues and oversee the construction process.

Delivery Methods


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