Self-Perform Concrete

detailQuality concrete work is critical to the success of every construction project. Maintaining our own self-perform concrete division allows us to control the three most important variables in construction: Quality, Cost and Schedule.

Because we believe that the quality of concrete work is directly connected to the success of a project, we continually maintain one of the largest concrete crews in the Intermountain West. Our concrete experts are on hand at all of our sites, ensuring quality craftsmanship and successful projects. Layton’s concrete specialists have been recognized locally and nationally for their quality and innovative work.

Layton is a nationally-ranked concrete constructor in the United States. A list of current concrete awards is here.

While many contractors and subcontractors perform concrete work, Layton’s concrete specialists offer a higher quality of service. We distinguish ourselves through the following processes:

Continuous training

Our dedicated concrete team is always trying to better themselves. From attending trade seminars to regular meetings with concrete suppliers, our team is constantly keeping up with the latest innovations. We also have a team dedicated to concrete quality control and regular monitoring of our concrete crews.detail

Pre-task planning

There is no room for error in concrete placement. Prior to every pour, Layton teams identify the proper sequencing, tools, materials and manpower for a given job. Their goal is to place high quality concrete as efficiently as is possible.

Post-placement meetings

After each concrete placement, our concrete specialists meet with the on-site concrete teams to discuss the lessons learned. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve our concrete.